There He Goes Again

Matthew 21:23-32 Today’s sermon is a time travel sermon. We’re all going to Jerusalem sometime in 32/33 C.E. I’ve arranged for us to meet a local, Eleazar, who will be our guide. It’s Passover week; the streets will be packed with thousands of pilgrims. Hopefully we’ll be able to find … Read More

Outrageous Bookkeeping

Matthew 20:1-16 A disclaimer about this sermon right up front: Bookkeeping is an honorable profession. If it weren’t for bookkeepers things would be a mess. If it weren’t for Cindy keeping track of expenditures, IRS rules, and the like, Noe Valley Ministry would be in a lot of trouble. In … Read More

Forgiveness: Excusing Bad Behavior?

Matthew 18:21-35 Peter was an impetuous disciple who, in deserting and denying even knowing Jesus, experienced his own deep need for forgiveness. But one day he audaciously asked Jesus, “How many times shall I forgive my brother when he sins against me? As many as seven times?” Here we pause. … Read More

Welcome, Indeed!

Exodus 23:16/Ephesians 2:17-19 A funny thing happened on the way to this sermon. You see, we have this Fall Gathering theme. So I looked for places in the Bible that feature this theme. And the passage from Exodus is what I found. It’s the only place where a festival of … Read More