Birthing Transformation

John 3:1-17 Picture this scene: 1957. Yankee Stadium. 100,000 people. Billy Graham, bible in hand, preaches to the crowd: Jesus said, “You must be born again.” And I’m going to ask you to come and do that right now. I’m going to ask you to get out of your seats … Read More

“Didn’t Jesus Use Violence?”

Genesis 1:1-4, 31/Psalm 19/John 2:13-22 A disclaimer: Today’s sermon is what I call “thick” because the subject matter is somewhat thick – our culture’s propensity for violence. The psalm that we sang, Psalm 19, extols the wonders of God’s creative activity in the universe. “The heavens are telling the glory … Read More

What’s In a Name?

Genesis 17:1-7; 15-17/Mark 8:27-38 What’s in a name? Names are featured in both our scripture readings today. In the Genesis story we have God changing the names of Abram to Abraham and Sarai to Sarah. Both of the name changes seem to have something to do with being blessed by … Read More