The Kind Shepherd

  Psalm 23/John 10:11-18 The Good Shepherd. Even though, most likely, none of you has ever actually herded sheep, we have this emotional connection to the idea of a God who takes care of us, like a shepherd takes care of his sheep. This is “Good Shepherd” Sunday, as our … Read More

Forgetting the Connection

Genesis 1:24-2:4/Matthew 6:25-34 The problem with reading the bible literalistically is that you can get into real trouble if you actually try to apply the bible literally. The two passages we read illustrate the problem. In Genesis 1 we read: “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue … Read More

On Meeting Needs

  Acts 4:32-35 Today we are instituting a new church practice. A new stewardship campaign. I want you to sell all your belongings, cash in your retirement account and savings account, sell your house and bring all the proceeds here and lay them at my feet. Then I’ll decide how … Read More

Rise, Heart

Mark 16:1-8 Christ is risen! Christ is risen, indeed! So what? What difference does it make? Wars still rage, atrocities still happen, prejudice and bigotry still run rampant, politicians still lie! The poor are still poor, the oppressed are still oppressed, the sick are still sick! And my life is … Read More