“Food, Glorious Food”

John 6:1-21/Mark 6:35-44 The poor and dirty waifs gather in the dark, dingy dining hall of the orphanage. Sitting at the long tables on hard benches they await their daily fare. Everyday it’s the same old thing – nasty tasting gruel. They bemoan their fate: the prospect of eating gruel … Read More

How Radical Should We Get?

Mark 6:30-34, 53-56 Ephesians 2:11-22 You may have figured out by now that I really like the Gospel of Mark. Except for a little detour into the Gospel of John next week, the Gospel of Mark is the featured gospel in the lectionary this year. I’ve dug into Mark quite … Read More

Shall We Dance?

Mark 6:1-13 I like the idea of dancing. Whether it’s a ballet performance or the Alvin Ailey Dance Troup or simple folk dancing at a summer festival, I almost always get a lump in my throat at the sheer beauty of the human body in movement. However, for the record, … Read More