Structural Racism & Us: A Conversation ~ January 12 & 19

This past fall, Noe Valley Ministry became a Matthew 25 church, a program of the Presbyterian Church (USA). In doing so, we decided to address the issue of race in our culture, seeking to dismantle structural racism by learning how to advocate and break down the systems, practices and thinking that underlie discrimination, bias, prejudice and oppression of people of color. On the next two Sundays, January 12 & 19, we will have conversations about how we can do that.

  • January 12: Why are white people so afraid to talk about race? Some definitions and ground rules.
  • January 19: How can white people learn to be a part of the solution rather part of the problem? Some concrete issues and practices.

Conversations that may be a bit uncomfortable but not painful! Join us for a faith-growing experience. After worship in the studio.

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