Daily Reflection ~ Monday, June 29, 2020

A note from Keenan:  We are nearing the end of Daily Reflections.  We will go through this weekend; no reflections next Monday     But this forum remains open for your own reflections and offerings …maybe an occasional sharing of good things in your life, or thoughtful things in your life.  I do have a request.  Could you let me know if there have been favorite or particularly helpful postings here?  .I’d like to know what has been meaningful so that we can collect those and perhaps offer them again. Regardless, I want you to know how much it has meant to me to be able to connect in this way.  Blessings, always.

This Church

We don’t pretend to understand

the mystery of what goes on

in God’s Church.

We just know we feel a pervading

spirit of love that reaches

into the niches of all of us

and pulls us out into the open,

free and alive and


We believe this spirit of love exists

within this Church,

this unity of persons trying

to be the Good News.

We see this Church as a circle of persons

holding hands…

and dancing…

supporting each other,

accepting each other,

loving each other.

Each person in this dancing circle

is facing outward…

reaching into God’s world,

listening for the whimpering,

watching for the hurting,

willing to offer a cup of cold water

in His name.

Sometimes they need the water;

sometimes you need the water;

sometimes I need the water.

Being a part of the Church means

knowing that the cup is always filled

in His name.

                                               Ann Weems

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