Join Us for Online Worship Sunday, May 2, 2021

~ Online Worship ~ “…perfect love casts out fear,” says the 1st letter of John. Laudable sentiment; not easily done! Living in a world filled with fear – the pandemic, racial violence, political conflicts –  do we dare venture out in love? “God is love,” says John, “so we should … Read More

Join Us for Online Worship Sunday, April 25, 2021

~ EARTH DAY SUNDAY ~   Touch the earth lightly, use the earth gently, nourish the life of the world in our care.   At Noe Valley Ministry we fully embrace our belief in the call to care for God’s creation in responsible ways. The creation story in Genesis provides … Read More

“Resurrection: Does It Really Matter?”

~ Luke 24:28-49 ~ Dramatic post-resurrection happenings! Artists through the ages, such as Rembrandt and Caravaggio, seemed to find fertile ground here. Jesus, breaking bread with two disciples after a long walk, suddenly disappears. Later, Jesus suddenly appears to the disciples who, thinking they’ve seen a ghost, are startled and … Read More

Join Us for Online Worship Sunday, April 18, 2021

~ “You Are Witnesses of These Things” ~   The post-resurrection Jesus suddenly appears to the disciples, proclaiming, “Peace be with you” (Luke 24:28-49). Jesus then showed that he was real by eating a piece of fish. And proceeds to tell them that they must continue on proclaiming the message … Read More

“Resurrection Fervor”

~ Acts 4:32-35/1 John 1:1-10 ~   You know what yesterday was, don’t you? It was National Farm Animals Day! Oh, you thought I was going to say National Siblings Day, didn’t you? Because, of course, that’s what everyone was posting on social media (for those of you who indulge … Read More

Join Us for Online Worship Sunday, April 11, 2021 ~ 10:30am

~ Post-Resurrection Fervor! ~ “We declare to you what…we have touched with our hands,” says 1st John (1:1-10). “The whole group…was of one heart and soul,” says Acts (4:32-35). There is no doubt that the experience of the risen Christ was a powerful motivator for the first century church – … Read More