Join Us for In-Person Worship or Livestream on Sunday, January 16, 2022 at 10:30am

~ “They Have No More Wine” ~

A wedding reception that runs out of wine! Horrors! John’s Gospel tells an intriguing story of scarcity and abundance: Jesus at the wedding feast at Cana. Scarcity – not enough wine – and abundance – too much wine. We humans are prone to see the world from a perspective of scarcity, but God is the god of abundance. How do you see things? Come and let us share in the abundance of God’s grace!

If you are unable to join us in-person you can livestream the service at 10:30am on Sunday morning.

Livestream Link – Click Here

Order of Worship Link – Click Here

*Following SFPHD mandates, all persons who attend worship in-person must wear a face mask regardless of vaccination status.

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