“Unity in the Church – Is This a Joke?”

~ John 17:6-26 ~ Scandals, divisions, splits, fights, even wars – the church is in shambles! Christianity is a mess! Unity? What a joke. The Southern Baptists are reeling from a devastating report of ongoing sexual abuse and coverups. The United Methodists are well on their way to splitting in … Read More

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Unity in the Church? Is This a Joke? Divisions, splits, fractures, disunity – a basic characteristic of Christianity immemorial. And it keeps getting worse. So what are we to do with Jesus’ prayer for unity in John 17? “I ask…that they may become completely one, so that the world will … Read More

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~ Wholesome Life ~ John’s Gospel tells the story of Jesus healing a paralytic laying by a pool. But he not only heals him of his infirmity but restores him to wholeness. God’s desire for us is to live full, wholesome lives. The community gathers in worship as the family … Read More

“Is Our God Big Enough?”

Photo: The Ancient of Days, William Blake (1794) ~ Psalm 148/John 20:31-35 ~ Psalm 148 is a psalm of praise. ‘Praise’ is used thirteen times in this psalm. The Psalmist calls on everything to give God praise: Men and women, young and old, fire and storms, mountains and trees, and … Read More

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Photo: The Ancient of Days, William Blake (1794) How big is God? Psalm 148 declares God the Creator of all that is. William Blake’s rendition sees God as the architect of the universe. When we consider the wonder and immense dimensions of the universe, where is God in all that? Is … Read More

“Come and Dine”

~ Psalm 23 / John 10:22 – 30 ~ It was winter, the gospel writer says. Maybe on this particular day it is especially cold and windy as Jesus walks the colonnade of Solomon’s porch. And maybe feeling already irritable from the cold Jesus grimaces as he sees them approach. … Read More