What We Are Like

What We Are Like

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  • We are a Presbyterian Church in the Reformed Tradition.
  • We are a proudly liberal/progressive church seeking to live out God’s grace and justice.
  • We are a small, yet vitally engaged congregation, actively concerned for each other, the Noe Valley neighborhood, and the world.
  • We are followers of the way of Jesus; peace and justice are our passions.
  • We are a thinking congregation; we welcome hard questions.
  • We embrace a wide range of spiritual practices such as bible study, yoga and walking our beautiful inlaid hardwood labyrinth.
  • We love the arts! Music of various styles in worship and performance. Visual art in our renown Gallery Sanchez.
  • We are very friendly and welcoming…and we have lots of fun!

What to Expect If You Visit on Sunday Morning

  • Our worship service starts at 10:30am and lasts about an hour.
  • Fairly traditional Presbyterian liturgy with hymn singing and congregational participation.
  • Our talented music director and choir lead us in a wide range of musical styles: classical, jazz, gospel (but not a praise band).
  • We take the Bible seriously, but not literally, with an emphasis on contemporary relevance.
  • Child friendly: children’s sermon, Sunday school during worship, childcare provided.
  • Good conversation and refreshments after worship.
  • No dress code! Wear whatever is comfortable (although our pastor wears a robe!).
  • Communion is on the first Sunday of the month and is all-inclusive.


  • Cultural and spiritual diversity. Wherever you are on your journey of faith you are welcome. We open our doors to people of all faiths.
  • We practice inclusivity in our membership, our leadership, and our language. Our language for God’s people incorporates male and female. Our language for God is intentionally genderless and non-hierarchical.
  • We are a worshiping community that provides a safe place for sharing interests, nurturing one another in our individual and spiritual challenges, working for social justice, and appreciating the arts.
  • We are a healing place for those who have been hurt or abandoned.
  • We are a “House of Prayer, House of Community”.