News & Announcements

News & Announcements

Join Us for Worship Sunday, April 15, 2018, 10:30am

It is still Easter, and along with the disciples, we are still trying to figure out how Jesus could be alive and what that might mean. There is unfolding evidence that Resurrection is real, but there is also an abundance of mystery, faith, wonder and awe. It causes us to … Read More

Labyrinth Walk – April 18, 6-7pm

Labyrinth Walk is back! Come walk our labyrinth in our remodeled sanctuary. Revive your spirit as you experience the serenity of the labyrinth with candlelight and music.

Mobile Meal Preparation & Distribution – April 22 – 9:30am

Plan to meet in the NVM kitchen at 9:30am on April 22 to assemble meals for the homeless and working poor. Following Sunday’s service and coffee hour, we will distribute the bagged lunches on 17th Street (between Bryant and Potrero). Please volunteer to assemble lunches, distribute lunches, or both. Additionally, … Read More

Join Us for Worship Sunday, March 18, 2018, 10:30am

~ “Enough, Already!” ~ Nathan pointedly accuses David of sin! Jesus goes on and on about his suffering! Sin and suffering! These Lenten themes can seem overbearing. Enough already! However, we are not yet through this season of Lent where we consider such issues. But rather than regarding sin and … Read More

Lenten Study Week 5 – March 18

Mark’s story of the widow who, out of her poverty, gave everything she had. A story of the superior piety of the poor? Or is this really an example of the oppressive religious system that exploited the poor. Methinks it is the later for it is with such a vignette … Read More