The Stewardship of Hope

~ Luke 21:25-36/Jeremiah 33:14-16 ~ Apocalyptic images greet us on this First Sunday of Advent. “Signs in the sun, the moon, and the stars,” says Jesus. “People will faint from fear and foreboding of what is coming upon the world, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken.” Be … Read More

Did You Remember to Say, “Thank You?”

~ Deuteronomy 8:6-11/Luke 17:11-19 ~ When it comes to Thanksgiving there are two words that come to my mind: Thanks and food. Now the word ‘thanks’, of course, is in the title so that can’t be ignored. And we’ll get to that word shortly. But, of course, with Thanksgiving is … Read More

“A Way of Seeing”

~ Mark 10:46-52/Isaiah 35:1-2, 5-10 ~ Perception – a way of seeing. It’s a physical phenomenon, really. Light strikes the retina of the eye and through a complex yet instantaneous nervous system process connects to the brain and we see. But it’s also a mental phenomenon – we understand. Usually … Read More

“What the World Needs…”

~ Deuteronomy 6:4-9/Leviticus 19:18/Mark 12:28-34 ~ Our opening hymn, I Sing a Song of the Saints of God, is not your typical Presbyterian hymn. It sort of has a folksy feel and some funky lyrics. Such as, “one was a doctor, and one was a queen…they were saints of God, … Read More

“A Hard Saying”

~ Mark 10:17-31/Amos 5:6-15 ~ Joe has prepared months for this moment. Vigorous workouts, extreme fasting – he is as svelte and trim as you can imagine. Now he’s all oiled up and ready to go. He takes a running start and leaps…. But, alas, it’s just not to be. … Read More

“Made for Each Other”

~ Genesis 2:18-24/Mark 10:13-16 ~ Our reading from Genesis today has been the source of much consternation over the years. Theological conflicts over faith and science, literal verses metaphoric interpretations abound. For many, the way patriarchy and gender is presented and assumed has been hurtful. Limiting and exclusivist views about … Read More