“Joy Happens”

~ Isaiah 35:1-10 ~ Today is the Sunday of Joy. The Joy of God. As we saw in the last two weeks, in preparing for the coming of the Christ, we are called to wake up to the hope we have in his coming and to focus our vision to … Read More

“What’s with All the Snakes?”

Isaiah 11:1-10/Matthew 3:1-12 It’s one of the most dramatic, tension-filled openings of a movie, ever (at least, I think so). There’s Indiana Jones trekking through the Amazon jungle in search of the lost golden idol. As he carefully navigates the hidden, sacred cave he has to crossover the deep pit, … Read More

“On the Alert for Hope”

~ Matthew 24:36-44 / Isaiah 2:1-5 ~ It was my first job assignment on my first real job. 1972. Having just graduated from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Linda and I and son, Aaron, moved to Denver. I was recruited to work for a youth ministry, Denver Youth for … Read More

The Gospel According to…

~ “Can’t We Get Along?” ~ by: Cindy Cake Last summer a friend shared with me a problem with a long-time friend who holds views that are strongly counter to what the friend holds. Should you tell them where they are wrong? Say nothing but unfriend them? Bite your tongue … Read More

“Fairy Tale Lessons”

stained glass flowers

Fairy Tale Lessons With Kelly Savage and Karen Heather, piano duet, playing Ma mère l’Oye (Mother Goose Suite) by Maurice Ravel   Between “once upon a time” and “happily ever after” lies a vast and rich world of amazing stories, where anything is possible and dreams do come true. Countless … Read More

“Battle of Wits”

stained glass flower

~ Luke 20:27-40 ~ We live in a world of competing agendas. Different ways of looking at the world, of how the world works, of how to work in the world. These agendas are in conflict—ongoing battles between agendas. And with these competing agendas is lots of  talk, rhetoric. Rhetoric … Read More