“Principalities and Powers”

~ Ephesians 6:10-18/Matthew 16:21-23 ~ I heard a most extraordinary sermon the other day. Well, actually it wasn’t a sermon but it felt like it. The eulogy for John Lewis delivered by Barak Obama. It appears that our former president is quite biblically astute, for his eulogy was strewn with … Read More

“The Compassionate Feast”

~ Matthew 14:13-21 ~ Jesus was not having a good day. In the days prior, according to Matthew, Jesus had gone to his hometown of Nazareth and had been rejected badly. As Matthew puts it, “he did not do many miracles there because of their lack of faith.” Now, today, … Read More

“The Pervasive God”

~ Matthew 13:31-33 ~ The 13th chapter of Matthew is the parables-of-the-kingdom chapter. Seven parables with which Jesus introduces to his disciples what God’s kingdom in the world looks like. The word ‘like’ is key here. If you remember your school grammar lessons, when you compare two things with the … Read More

“Bad Farming”

~ Matthew 13:24-30 ~ On the surface Jesus’ parable of the Weeds is a straight story about farming. But what kind of farming is this? The practice of not pulling out weeds until harvest time is no way to run a farm. What could only be considered a neglectful way … Read More

“The Nature of Seeds”

~ Matthew 13:1-23 ~   One of the small pleasures during this shelter-in-place pandemic is watching my garden grow. We’ve planted a small garden every spring for several years now but this year I put just a bit more into it since I’ve been home a lot. Preparing the soil, … Read More

“On the Precipice”

~ Psalm 33:8-14 ~   The 4th of July! Independence Day! A day to celebrate our country! Backyard picnics with friends and family! Grand fireworks displays! Oh, wait, they were all cancelled. And, in their place thousands of illegal fireworks going off all over the city late into the night … Read More