“Perfect Vision”

~ Isaiah 60:1-6/Matthew 2:9-11~ My optometrist is actually a friend of mine, so when it comes to telling me hard things he does it gently (well, he’s gentle with all his patients but I like to think I have special standing). At a recent annual visit he said, “David, I … Read More

“King Herod’s Quid Pro Quo”

~ Matthew 2:1-23 ~ Some foreigners arrived from a country off to the East. They must have had some political connections as they seemed to be distinguished gentlemen. But they brought news the ruler did not like. In the time of King Herod, after Jesus was born in Bethlehem of … Read More

“Christmas Eve Meditation 2019”

It’s a part of the story we often overlook. But it’s right there, every year. We certainly do enjoy the parts of the story that feature angels and shepherds and magi and a bright star. Those parts of the story are so positive and uplifting; warm and comforting. But there … Read More


~ Matthew 1:18-25 ~ As Linda and I are preparing for our sabbatical to New Zealand in February, I’ve become more aware of how Northern European and English are our celebrations of Christmas. We can hardly conceive of Christmas without references to cold and snow, even here in San Francisco. … Read More

“Joy Happens”

~ Isaiah 35:1-10 ~ Today is the Sunday of Joy. The Joy of God. As we saw in the last two weeks, in preparing for the coming of the Christ, we are called to wake up to the hope we have in his coming and to focus our vision to … Read More

“What’s with All the Snakes?”

Isaiah 11:1-10/Matthew 3:1-12 It’s one of the most dramatic, tension-filled openings of a movie, ever (at least, I think so). There’s Indiana Jones trekking through the Amazon jungle in search of the lost golden idol. As he carefully navigates the hidden, sacred cave he has to crossover the deep pit, … Read More