~ Luke 9:51-62 ~ Being comfortable didn’t used to be a thing. Through most of history it was just assumed that the normal condition of life was being uncomfortable. Now, being ‘comforted’ was a thing. The bible speaks of such comfort: “Comfort ye, my people” and “The God of all … Read More

Do You See this Woman? A Story of the Church and the Taming of Passion

*Sermon presented by CLP Jeanne Choy Tate* ~ Luke 7:36 – 8:3 ~ Today’s story of the anointing woman is found in all four gospels. However, in Matthew, Mark and John this anointing takes place at Jesus’ final Passover near the end of his life. Because those stories end with … Read More

The Devouring Sword

~ 2 Samuel 11:1 – 12:15 ~ In the end, David confesses and God forgives him. The psalm we sang, Psalm 51, is an eloquent confession of David’s contrite heart following Nathan’s devastating confrontation. Nathan’s clever parable has cut David to the quick and all he can say is “I … Read More

“Bona Fide”

~ 1 Kings 17:1-24 ~ Homer’s epic poem, Odyssey, has been reproduced many times over the centuries. But none so brilliantly as the Coen brothers’ O Brother, Where Art Thou? It’s 1937 rural Mississippi. Ulysses (George Clooney), along with his two cohorts, escape from the prison chain gang and embark … Read More

“Untangled Tongues”

~ Acts 2: 1-21/Genesis 11: 1-9 ~ Such drama – Mighty, rushing wind; tongues of fire, miraculous language abilities. Much to be amazed at. With such dramatic language Luke (and remember, Acts is written by the same author of the Gospel of Luke) describes what has often been called the … Read More

“Wholesome Life”

~ John 5:1-9 ~ The word ‘wholesome’ is such a wholesome word! It evokes feelings of, well, ‘wholesomeness’ – wholesome food, wholesome entertainment, a wholesome environment. Wholesomeness has the sense of well-being and sound health. When something is wholesome it is complete, as it should be; it is, indeed, whole. … Read More