Mark 4: 26-34 In the 1800’s Father Junipero Serra came from Spain to Mexico to spread his faith. He was told of a beautiful land to the north full of wildlife, grand trees and verdant valleys. Serra decided he must see this land and with the aid of some … Read More

Jesus, Have You Lost Your Mind?

Mark 3:22-27 Our scripture reading this morning from Mark 3 comes at the end of a long day for Jesus. It was the Sabbath. In the morning, at the synagogue, Jesus healed a man with a withered hand. He got into a confrontation with the religious leaders over that. Then … Read More

How We Think About God Matters

Psalm 29/Isaiah 6:1-8 Jim Gaffigan is a comedian of some renown, hanging out with the likes of Lewis C.K., Jon Stewart, Chris Rock, Seinfeld, and others. He’s known for doing comedy bits about being lazy and eating food. Anyway, he will have a new TV series this summer in which … Read More

Precedent Setting

      Acts 10: 44 – 48 It is the early days of the Christian church. Dramatic, exciting, and even disturbing things are happening. The Acts of the Apostles is the story of those dramatic events. Before I read our second text for today from this book, let me … Read More

Moving Ahead

These words by the Apostle Paul speak of movement, an most urgent moving ahead, if you will. He speaks of pressing on and straining forward. He has a goal to reach. He isn’t there yet but he fully intends on reaching that goal, the goal of knowing Christ and, if … Read More

The Kind Shepherd

  Psalm 23/John 10:11-18 The Good Shepherd. Even though, most likely, none of you has ever actually herded sheep, we have this emotional connection to the idea of a God who takes care of us, like a shepherd takes care of his sheep. This is “Good Shepherd” Sunday, as our … Read More