~ John 21:1-19/Psalm 30 ~ In the mid-90’s Linda and I bought a fixer-upper. Oh, it had good bones, a solid, two-story brick house called a “Denver Square.” But it was in sad shape. Nothing had been done to the kitchen in 50 years except to paint it yellow – … Read More

“By Their Wounds and Doubts You Will Know Them”

Jeanne Choy Tate, preaching Noe Valley Ministry 4/24/2022 John 20:19-31 Doubting Thomas  Welcome to the Week After—the week after the triumph of Resurrection, after Easter lilies, egg hunts, special music and alleluias. The tomb is empty, Christ is risen, death has been defeated. On this Sunday after Easter, it all … Read More

“God Stuff”

~ Luke 24:1-12 ~ Christ is risen! Christ is risen, indeed! So what? What difference has it made? Wars still rage, atrocities still happen, prejudice and bigotry still run rampant, politicians still lie! A  war of aggression in Ukraine. Devastating crises multiply. Will it ever end? Things haven’t changed. The … Read More

“Such Drama!”

~ Luke 19:28-40/John 12:12-16 ~ As you well know Jesus told lots of parables. Quite prolific, he was. Now these parables were made-up stories. There wasn’t an actual Good Samaritan. The Prodigal Son wasn’t a real person. Illustrations from the world around us to drive home a particularly salient truth … Read More

“Ambassadors of Restoration”

~ 2 Corinthians 5:16-20/Isaiah 58:9b-12 ~ We probably all know that one of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s go-to preaching points was the “beloved community.” He hoped to foster and create a “beloved community” in America, a completely integrated society of love and justice. This meant a deep sense of … Read More

“Don’t Wear Out Your Welcome”

~ Luke 9:1-6/Romans 15:5-7 ~ “Welcome one another…just as Christ has welcomed you.” We affirm this statement from Romans. We desire to be a welcoming church. Over the years we’ve featured pictures of welcome mats on our bulletin cover. Being welcoming is a good thing. But today I’d like to … Read More