“Hindsight is 2020”

~ Isaiah 60:1-6/Matthew 2:9-11 ~ Just a year ago on this Sunday, which now seems like a lifetime ago, I preached about vision – 2020 vision, which, it turns out, was a popular metaphor amongst us preachers. Going into 2020, we took the verbiage of Isaiah – “Arise, shine; for … Read More

“I’ve Been Waiting So Long”

~ Luke 2:25-35 ~ As I was considering this story of Simeon this week, a song popped into my head and just stayed there – you know, an earworm. But it ended up being the inspiration for my sermon title this Sunday, “I’ve been waiting so long.” One of my … Read More

“Be Like Mary”

~ Luke 1:26-56 ~ There’s one word in this passage Jeannie read that we might have overlooked. But it turns out to be quite important. Did you catch it? It says Mary “pondered.” “What sort of greeting might this be”, she ponders? “Pondered” means she turned things over in her … Read More

“The Joyful Work of Rebuilding the Ruins”

~ Isaiah 61:1-4/John 1:6-8, 19-28 ~ So, here comes John preaching the coming Messiah. He comes preaching the light. He comes, echoing the words of the prophet Isaiah as one crying in the wilderness, “Make straight the way of the Lord.” So, the gospel, as portrayed by this gospel writer, … Read More

“Comfort & Peace: Can They Be Had?”

~ Isaiah 40:1-11/Mark 1:1-8 ~ I must admit, I struggled with this sermon title all week. Can comfort and peace be had? I just wasn’t feeling it. Yes, I know, your pastor is supposed to be encouraging and uplifting, you know, the bringer of comfort and peace. But with the … Read More

“Past and Future…Now!”

~ Isaiah 64:1-9/Mark 13:24-37 ~ I’ve always been fascinated with time-travel stories. The idea that time can be manipulated or warped has been the subject of many a book and movie. Fantasy pop culture movies abound – Back to the Future, Terminator, Peggy Sue Got Married and, of course, Bill … Read More