“What Are You Looking At?”

Luke 24:44-53/Acts 1:1-11 Today is Ascension Sunday. Our texts for today set that up for us. Jesus ascends into heaven while his disciples look up in astonishment. However, this isn’t really the day. That was this past Thursday. Ascension Day is always on a Thursday. That’s because, as our reading … Read More

“The Reclamation Project”

~ John 14:1-14 ~ I call it one of the “clobber” verses. These are verses that those who adhere to a narrow, exclusive view of Christianity pull out to hit you over the head with if you dare question their perspective. These are verses that are so obviously true, they … Read More

“The Kind Shepherd”

John 10:1-10/Psalm 23 Of all the Jesus’ metaphors in the Bible one of the most enduring and endearing is “The Good Shepherd.” Despite the fact that probably no one here has ever actually herded sheep, we have a deep-seated emotional connection to the idea of a God who takes care … Read More

“Heart Burn”

~ Luke 24:19-35 ~ When we meet the disciples on the road to Emmaus, it is evening, and the luminous glow of the day has begun to fade. Resurrection, at this point, is nothing more than a rumor, a curiosity, an idle tale. And yet when the disciples meet a … Read More

“He Goes Before Us”

~ Matthew 28:1-10 ~ The pink hues of early dawn invade the territory of darkness that was the night. The dew on the leaves along side the path accompanies the chilling air of the night. The two women walking on that path can only now make out their surroundings as … Read More

Let’s Face It: Heroes Die!

~ John 11:1-45 ~ Are you a hero? You might not think so. After all, heroes are courageous and fearless and invincible. Heroes save the day. Heroes defy death. Heroes battle evil on our behalf. The movie company, Marvel has made a whole industry on these kinds of heroes. Or … Read More