Deuteronomy 8:6-11/Luke 17:11-19 When it comes to Thanksgiving there are two words that come to my mind: Thanks and food. Now the word ‘thanks’, of course, is in the title so that can’t be ignored. And we’ll get to that word shortly. But, of course, with Thanksgiving is food; lots … Read More

Look Busy – Jesus Is Coming!

1 Thessalonians 5:1-6/Matthew 25:1-13 A movie was released just a few weeks ago starring Nicolas Cage called “Left Behind.” It’s really bad, so bad that it is already out of circulation (What is it with Nicolas Cage and bad movies over the past few years?). You may have heard of … Read More

The Glass-Bottomed Boats of Heaven

Revelation 7:7-19 A few years ago Ricky Gervais, a notable religious skeptic, wrote and starred in a movie, “The Invention of Lying.” It’s set in a world where everyone tells the truth, whether it hurts or not. And, of course, everyone believes everything everyone says because everyone always tells the … Read More

The Broken-Open Heart

Matthew 22:34-40 The testing continues. It seems to be relentless. Question after question, challenge after challenge. Jesus’ rivals just keep coming at him. Now the Pharisees come after him with a lawyer (they’re getting serious). Hoping this time they might finally get him, the lawyer asks: “Which commandment in the … Read More

It’s Not About Politics

Matthew 22:15-22 A couple weeks ago Bill Jackson sent around an article from the New York Times written by Raza Aslan, a New Testament scholar and author of Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth and who happens to be Muslim. In his op-ed he urged Americans not … Read More

We’re Gonna Have a Wedding

David Brown

Matthew 22:1-14 A problem with every religion is baggage, centuries of it, baggage that is very difficult to remove from whatever the original intent was. One heavy load of baggage that affects all three Abrahamic faiths – Judaism, Islam, and Christianity – is the meme of a judgmental God. That … Read More