“Stealing Nahala”

Image: Naboth refuses King Ahab his vineyard, Thomas Matthews Rooke ~ 1 Kings 21/Hebrews 11:8-10 ~ My sermon today, “Stealing Nahala,” addresses our Lenten focus of Doing Racial Justice from an Indigenous People’s perspective. This is a “thick” one so I encourage you to lean in. Before I read our … Read More

“Feast of Grace”

Karen Blixen was born in Denmark in 1885 and upon her marriage to Baron Blixen, they moved to East Africa where they owned a coffee plantation. Linda and I had the good fortune to visit the Karen Blixen house near Nairobi, Kenya several years ago. In 1931 she returned to … Read More

“Eat, Drink, and Be Merry, for Tomorrow…”

~ Isaiah 55:1-2/Luke 5:27-35 ~ Mardi Gras Sunday   The other day when I was getting my haircut (can you tell?) I was in conversation with my stylist (yes, I have a stylist. Can you tell?). She’s been cutting my hair for more than ten years now and we engage … Read More

“Doing Love in a Hate Filled World”

Photo: Love Your Enemies, Timothy P. Schmalz, sculptor ~ Luke 6:27-36/Psalm 37:1-11~ For those of you who indulge, you know how Facebook will occasionally remind you about things you posted in the past, you know, last year’s birthday, that special concert you attended five years ago? Well, of late I keep getting … Read More

“Be a Tree – Drink Deeply

~ Psalm 1 ~ My son, Jesse’s house sits on the rim of a canyon in San Diego. A deep ravine, Sandrock Canyon cuts through his neighborhood for miles. Right outside his backyard fence, sitting right on the precipice, is one of the largest trees in the canyon. Due to … Read More

“Self-Fulfilling Prophecy”

~ Luke 4:14-21/Leviticus 25:1, 8-10/Isaiah 61:1-3 ~   Jesus has come home to Nazareth. It’s the Sabbath and Jesus goes to the synagogue. He stands to read from the Isaiah scroll (He must have been the scripture reader for that day recruited by Christine). It is the kind of moment … Read More