“Jesus: The Antidote to a Vindictive God”

  ~ John 14:4-11/Luke 15:11-32 ~   It’s hard to hear fresh words about Jesus. We’ve been talking about Jesus for two thousand years after all. His name is used in both blessings and curses. Art featuring Jesus is everywhere. He has his own line of jewelry. Christmas and Easter … Read More

“Maybe Your God Is Too Big”

~ Psalm 8/Exodus 15/Revelation 4 ~ I want to play a word association game with you. I’m going to say a word and I want you to picture whatever first pops into your head. Ready? God. Hold on to that image. The scripture readings were a bit jarring, weren’t they? … Read More

“The Uncivil Jesus”

Mark 7:1-7/Matthew 23 “Civility” is in the news these days. The lack of it, that is. A restaurant owner tells a certain White House press secretary that he will not serve her and the hue and cry over uncivility fills the airwaves. But what really raised the hackles of many … Read More

“Make It Up as You Go Along”

~ 1 Samuel 16:1-13 ~ Leonard Bernstein’s enigmatic musical theatre work, Mass, from the 70’s, begins with all the performers in harmony and agreement. The celebrant begins the mass with a beautiful, haunting song: Sing God a simple song, Lauda, Laude Make it up as you go along Lauda, laude … Read More

“Be Careful What You Ask For”

~ 1 Samuel 8: 1-11, 16-20 ~ “Be careful what you ask for.” These were the words of Dr. James Forbes, Pastor Emeritus of the famous Riverside Church in NYC, the same church where Harry Emerson Fosdick was the pastor in the 1930’s. I was attending a conference on the … Read More

“Who Owns God?”

~ Isaiah 6:1-8/John 3:1-17 ~ What is God like? Well, Isaiah says he saw God. There was God sitting on a throne, high and lofty. And angels sang, “Holy, holy, holy” which is the inspiration for the hymn, “Holy, Holy, Holy.” Jesus, in his midnight conversation with Nicodemus, suggests that … Read More