“Heart Burn”

~ Luke 24:19-35 ~ When we meet the disciples on the road to Emmaus, it is evening, and the luminous glow of the day has begun to fade. Resurrection, at this point, is nothing more than a rumor, a curiosity, an idle tale. And yet when the disciples meet a … Read More

“I Will Not Believe: Belief and Willful Ignorance”

~ John 20:19-31 ~ It was the Sunday after Easter, actually called the Second Sunday of Easter, six years ago that I preached my first sermon at Noe Valley Ministry. My, how time flies. You had been meeting in the chapel of St. Luke’s Hospital for some time already. I … Read More

He Goes Before Us

~ Matthew 28:1-10 ~ The pink hues of early dawn invade the territory of darkness that was the night. The dew on the leaves along side the path accompanies the chilling air of the night. The two women walking on that path can only now make out their surroundings as … Read More


~ Matthew 26:6-13 ~ COVID19 took a while to show up in New Zealand. It is an island, after all. So, we were about two weeks behind everything going on here. As we attended church services in Wellington in early March, we were somewhat aware of the practice of social … Read More

Lazarus: Silver Linings

A Sermon by Rev. Keenan Kelsey ~ John 11:1-45 ~ One of the Facebook links I have enjoyed is called silver linings…a string of exclamations about how the stay-at-home order has produced unexpected gifts.   Being there for a child’s first steps… more outdoor walking and exploring neighborhood plant life, hello’s … Read More

Online Message from March 22, 2020

~ Message delivered by Jeanne Choy Tate ~ Opening prayer Today’s lectionary passage is one of the many gospel stories labeled a “miracle” story. In our modern age that is tantamount to dismissing that story as unbelievable. When I first looked at this passage a month ago, I thought oh great … Read More